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    Flicker continues with


      Hi, I'm at the point of throwing the towel in.


      Dell 250 G4 i5 6200U GPU 520.


      I've installed the beta driver and I still get horrific flicker. It is especially ad when on AC power but still flickers every 10s on battery.


      What can be done, the laptop is a nice spec but unusable with the constant screen flicker.


      If there is a fundamental chipset fault isn't it time Intel owned up?

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          Hello, Could_do_beeter:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          While using OEM systems like yours, the recommendation is to download and install the drivers from your computer's manufacturer website.


          This is to avoid loosing any special features or settings while using the generic drivers from Intel®.


          Here you can find the driver download page for this product: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=7609954&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4192


          The other option would be to use the default drivers from Windows.


          You can get them by following these steps:


          -Access the device manager.

          -Look for display adapters.

          -Right click and properties.

          -"Driver" tab and hit uninstall.


          The third option would be to use the generic drivers from Intel, to test it with different releases (previous compatible releases).

          Drivers & Software


          Additionally, the other way to go would be to check with the manufacturer of the device to know what is the best graphics driver that you could use with your unit.


          If you require any further information or support, feel free to contact us back.



          Esteban C

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            Hi Esteban, thanks for the response. I'm very experienced with PC's, been configuring them for over 30 years!


            The only reason i arrived at the Intel drivers is the HP drivers are REALLY broken. The laptop was brand new and suffered from flicker from first power up. There is strong flicker on battery power and as soon as the power is connected the back light turns completely off! Increasing the backlight is no solution as while it is powered the backlight simply flickers and eventally turns off randomly.

            The latest Intel beta drivers are the best I've tried and solve the AC backlight problem but the flicker is still there every 2-5s making the screen impossible to use.


            I'm going to send the laptop back it should not be on sale in this condition, judging by the number of others reporting flicker issues, i don't think there is a one off hardware fault with this particular laptop. I'm amazed companies with the combined might of Intel, Microsoft and HP can market product as broken as this particular one is.

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              Hello, Could_do_beeter:


              Thank you for your answer.


              I understand your concern and it should not work like that out of the box.


              Options are drivers or hardware issues, maybe the connection for the display, different things could be triggering the issue.


              Please do provide us with the outcome received from your OEM after they check it.


              If you require any further information, feel free to contact the Intel Communities back.



              Esteban C

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                Hi there-

                Wanted to share a similar problem.  Dell Inspiron 17-5759 with Core i5-6200U, Intel HD Graphics 520, 8GB RAM.

                Flicker problem with Dell's latest "official" driver which is


                I engaged Dell support today and they had a technician remotely manage my laptop, where they installed an Intel driver release

                Flicker hasn't stopped.

                Here's the details of my graphics driver versions:



                Here's a video taken tonight illustrating the flicker effect:



                Fortunately after using the laptop (especially with Chrome) for a minute or more, the flickering appears to stop.  Often happens at or just after the login screen and proceeds even a little while after starting Chrome, Mail, PowerShell or any other application.  Problem has been seen with the built-in LCD and with an external 1920x1200 HDMI monitor (in single-display mode).

                I cross-posted this at the end of Support for Intel HD Graphics on the Intel Graphics 520 FYI.

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                  One discovery I've made is my problem is not necessarily 100% related to the windows driver.


                  If I boot to BIOS then:


                  1) Battery - I can stay in the BIOS indefinitely without any screen flicker or change of  backlight intensity

                  2) AC Power - I con only stay in the BIOS for 15-20s before the flicker starts and after 1-2s I have no backlight, I cannot turn the backlight back on with the function keys and I have to power off.


                  It seems to me like there is a hardware issue, especially on AC power, perhaps voltage regulation or thermal .

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                    It does sound like we have different issues (or maybe you have an additional issue beyond just the black screen-backlight still ON flicker), as I never notice the backlight turn off (just the screen goes black but there's still the silouette of the backlight present in the screen).  I'll try the BIOS trick later (although I've never seen it there).

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                      Actually I think our issue is the same, in Windows the flicker is exactly the same as your YouTube clip. With the shipped drivers the screen back-light turned off as soon as the AC was connected with the newer Beta drivers I have the same flicker as you with Battery and AC, but in addition I found that in the BIOS on AC the problem was particularly bad, which is why I suspect it is something hardware related on some processors or third party screens. If it was all of them then surely Intel could not sell a single 6th Gen processor.

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                        On a hunch (had good success with it so far in the past hour), can you reboot your system into the System BIOS and under "Performance", disable C-states?  With C-states disabled I never see any flicker, with it enabled, more often than not I do... this is after 5 reboots of the system with C-states disabled and around 3-4 reboots with C-states enabled (switching back and forth and a couple reboots without modifying the setting).

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                          I'm glad you've had some success, unfortunately HP's laptop bios only gives access to turn virtualisation on and off. The BIOS options are almost none existent.

                          The drivers still need fixing as you'll be using more battery but maybe this will give Intel a clue on how to put the issue to bed once and for all.


                          I tried a work around by setting up a power plan with CPU at 100% for all states but that didn't stop the flicker either.

                          Its hugely frustrating to buy a new product and have this type of fundamental issue, how could it get through testing? It literally stares you in the face.


                          I'm going to send the CEO of HP and invoice for my time, they can pass it on to Intel if they feel the blame lies there,

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                            Hello, Could_do_beeter:


                            Thank you for the information provided.


                            My recommendation would be to get support directly with your system's manufacturer support, to get possible known troubleshooting with their product on this specific issue.


                            As advised previously, the best drivers to get would be the ones from your OEM to avoid loosing any special feature they may have added.


                            The other way to go would be to wait for a possible future driver releases that could fix this issue.



                            Esteban C

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                              Could you retest this with the latest Beta 4404 and let me know your results?

                              If it still fails, please follow the sticky to provide details about your config and the failure. Thanks

                              IMPORTANT - Required information for reporting Graphics issues

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                                Closing this as resolved with 4404 since no response.