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    Cannot find a way to uninstall motherboard software


      Please direct me to the registry and other locations to uninstall/install the software add-ons for my D975XBX Motherboard.

      The "add/remove programs" keeps uninstalling and will not re-install any of the programs below.

      Desktop Control Center, Desktop Utilities and Intel Audio studio are all not working.


      Why is the complete uninstall of this software not found in the support search ?

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          Audio drivers need to be uninstalled prior to installing newer ones.  With an old board and old drivers it could be that it allowed an update prior to removal.  That should not prevent the Desktop Utilities from being installed if the Management Engine Interface is installed.  The Desktop Control Center could mess everything else up I suppose.  It sounds like you need a clean install which would be much faster and throrough than a registry repair unless you like that sort of work.  I don't recall a similar problem except for removal of drivers that are automatically reinstalled by windows.  That is what updates are for and Removal works very well for even complex programs at this time, provided the correct order is observed.  Dependent programs must be uninstalled first.  Try desktop utilities, then audio then desktop control center?  I don't know since the Center is new to me.

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            The software has always been bugy. The desktop control center, audio studio and desktop utilities would not open one day. The Pro Lan net connection driver will still not update to latest version now (many posts on this on web). Error 1713, which is not found here in support.

            I have always checked for updates on the chipset, BIOS, lan and others and always installed in order.  I never removed and installed other than to restore the non working software.

            I'm really MAD that Intel has absolutly no information on these issues of complete software removal/ reinstall

            Thanks for your help.