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    Cannot play games like XCOM2 Not Enough Dedicated Video RAM




      I am unable to play XCOM2 our other modern games like Dying Light that I downloaded from Steam. I experience low frame rates (average 24 FPS from FRAPS) and reoccurring lag spikes (~10 FPS, also FRAPS). While I have read that XCOM2 is poorly optimized, I experience the same trouble with other games.This issue occurs to various degrees in different games depending on how demanding the game is graphically (Dying Light is more demanding than XCOM2 and unsurprisingly has a lower average frame rate and more frequent lag spikes i.e.). Issue is consistent no mater what I am doing in game (in XCOM2 menu screens have the same kind of lag as action sequences i.e.). My old laptop (Dell Inspirion 15R) had none of these issues, and it was inferior in every way except for the graphics card (it had a relatively high end NVIDIA, I do not recall the model).


      I have tried playing on the absolute lowest settings and not in full screen, and while this helped somewhat the issue is ongoing. canyourunit.com  tells me that I do not have enough Dedicated Video RAM (minimum 1024 MB, I have 112.5 MB). I have tried changing how much RAM is allocated directly (in the BIOS, there is no option) and indirectly (changing the Intel and HP power profiles). Everything is up to date to my knowledge (graphics drivers, BIOS, etc.). I am a novice PC gamer and am not concerned with high performance, I just want to be able to play games at a solid frame rate (30FPS+).


      Any suggestions? I would hope I could just change how many memory is allotted or update a driver I missed. Also, I assume since my graphics card is integrated I cannot swap it out with another one easily (or at all)? This laptop is not a dedicated gaming rig, and I would not be able to go without it for more than a few days.


      Below are some specs. Let me know if more information is required.




      Computer: HP ENVY TS 18 Notebook PC (Laptop)

      OS: Windows 10 Home (x64)

      Processor: Interl Core i7-4710 10MQ CPU @ 2.5 GHZ 2501 mHz 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors

      RAM: 12GB

      Available Physical Memory: 8.38 GB

      Available Virtual Memomry: 26.5 G

      BIOS: Mode: UEFI Version: Insyde F.66 9/22/2015


      Thank you!

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          Hello, ShadowMoses5:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          The manufacturer of the device would be in charge of assigning how much VRAM is going to be available for you to use.


          The reasoning behind why the other computer was able to run these games is because it had a dedicated graphics card, a component apart from the CPU that was in charge only of the graphics, which would allow it to have better performance while gaming since it is intended for that.


          There different games that are playable with the Intel® HD Graphics, I invite you to check the link below, where you would be able to look for your CPU and see which games are supported by the Intel® HD Graphics inside your processor: Hardware Games


          Regarding performance, it depends on the VRAM available to be used as well as the CPU itself, in this case if more VRAM is available with a possible change in your config, chances are that performance could increase.


          If you require any further information or support, do not hesitate to contact us back.



          Esteban C