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    Does the Intel Centrino N-2230 support AD2P audio?


      I have searched Intel's site and they show nothing more than basic info. It supports Bluetooth 4.0.  I have been unsuccessful searching the BT spec site either. I must be doing something wrong with my search terms because neither GOOGLE or BING search finds anything definitive either.


      I purchased Sennheiser MM-450X headphones. They paired, connected and worked once. After turning them off and back on my laptop shows them paired but not connected.  Sound continues on the laptop speaker. Then I try again and they connect but the sound is garbled like I am too far from the radio but I am in front of the laptop, then sound drops back to the laptop speakers even though BT says the headphones are connected. I can control song play in iTunes but sounds is from my PC. (I know that's a PC maker issue.)


      The headphones are BT 2.0 w/AD2P so should work fine on BT 4.0.


      I had Logitech headphones so removed them as a device. No change.


      I removed the pairing and reconnected with no luck either. I now have to un-pair and re-pair to get the headphones connected at all and then the sound is garbled. The battery is fully charged.


      All is good with the adapter and headphones in device manager - both show working.


      I updated drivers at HP (my PC maker) then at Intel and neither changed the results.  There are no drivers for the headphones from Sennheiser.


      That is all my process but the real question is if the N-2230 supports BT AD2P as that is the first thing Sennheiser says to check.