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    Configure intel edison via bluetooth




      i have a scenario in my mind to configure my Edison via bluetooth like Wifi , Device name , etc...


      i have search if someone did that but unfortunately i could not find. i was thinking if that possible to do it through SPP


      I appreciate if you have any idea or suggestion.

      Thank you

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          Hello KhaledSMQ,


          I believe achieving this might be quite challenging, I mean, I have never tried to send Linux commands over Bluetooth and actually I think that would not be the correct approach for this. I believe the best option would be to do something like AP mode setup (IoT - Getting started with Access Point (AP) Mode for the Intel® Edison board | Intel® Developer Zone) but instead of using AP mode you would have to create a PAN and connect to your Edison through. I believe if you are able to achieve this you might be able to set a setup site in Edison's PAN IP. If you are interested in this approach I suggest you to read edison-config-server.js that can be found in /usr/lib/edison_config_tools/. That's the file that configures the setup webpage, for this approach it would be great to understand how it works.