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    nuc6i5 no HDMI sound via Denon AVR when Denon AVR is powered off during nuc6i5 booting




      I have the following configuration:


      NUC6i5SYH -> HDMI -> Denon AVR 3312 -> HDMI -> Panasonic TX-P50VT50E

      Sound via HDMI




      Here my problem:


      - Denon is in standby or powered off

      - I power on the NUC6i5

      - later I power on the Denon AVR and the TV

      - no HDMI sound device is found by Windows

      - this happend with Windows 7 and 10

      - I have to reboot the NUC6i5 to solve this issue


      - everything is working fine if the Denon is powered on before I boot the NUC6i5



      My question:


      How can I solve this behaviour?







      My old PC was a Acer Revo 3610 with nVidia ION chipset. I chossed into nVidia software the "Denon AVAMP" as default and so it doesn't matter if I boot first the Acer Revo 3610 or the Denon. I had always sound via HDMI and Windows found always the HDMI Audio.



      Please see attached some screenshotsmof the Acer Revo 3610 (sorry for German language):





















      Here some screenshots of my NUC6i5 (Denon AVR 3312 was powered on during NUC6i5 booting). The Denon-AVAMP is not visible if the Denon AVR3312 is in standby or powered off during booting of the NUC6i5:







      Thanks a lot for your support.



      Best Regards