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    How do I test to make sure motherboard is bad?


      I have a D945GCZ motherboard.  I have replaced the power supply, even though the old one tested OK.  On/off switch works properly, but have also jumped pins directly to test for sure.  Green standby power light comes on, but power supply fan never comes on.  CPU cooling fans also never come on.  Board will not boot up.  have hit keys on keyboard and moved mouse to make sure not asleep.  Any help would be appreciated.  I removed all hard drives, optical drives, and adapters to make sure they were not causing the problem.  How do I check to make sure the motherboard is fried so I don't waste money in replacing it?

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          Hi there,


          Does your system boot? If no, then


          Check if your processor is on the compatibility list and make sure to check which bios version does the board requires for the cpu to work properly:


          Then make sure that the memory you are using has the features as mentionned on this page:
          Note: Changing the memory voltage and speed may affect the board and void your warranty.


          If both of these components meet the requirements, then continue to the next steps.


          1. Remove the memory
              Does the board issue any beeps? If yes, how many?


          2. Switch the bios jumper to maintenance mode

              Does the system boot into the bios directly?


          3. Try the no boot wizard


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            Thank you for the response.  I wish I had seen the wizard a few days ago.  I have done all items in the wizard, including removing all hard drives and optical drives, and removing all adapters and memory.  Board will not boot.  Fan on the power supply never turns on, nor do the cooling fans.  Power supply is brand new and tests good off the system.  Is there anyway to test and prove the motherboard is bad, without just buying a new one and replacing it?  How can I check if it is the processor and not the motherboard.  This system has worked fine for over 4 years, so it is not a compatability problem.  The power supply probably failed, even though it still shows correct voltages, which is why I replaced it.  It probably fried the motherboard in the process of failing, but I was hoping to find a way to prove that the motherboard is bad.  Thanks again for the help.