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    RAID 1 issues with SS4200-E


      I have a SS4200-E NAS which I just setup on my home network.  I only have 2 2TB drives in it so the default backup is RAID 1 Mirror.  I have close to 1TB of data in my "Public" folder which is on one drive.  The other drive has one folder named "Backups" which is obviously dedicated to backing up the "Public" folder.


      My issue is that even though mirrored backup is set up and working properly according to the software there is nothing backed up to the second drive with the "Backups" folder.  It is simply empty.  I am not sure why this is or how I can get it working properly since the system tells me that everything is functioning as it should be.


      Does anyone have an suggestions?




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          No the "Backups" folder is not a backup of the "Public" folder. It's used to backup your client PC, when you run the EMC Retrospect Express HD software. The RAID 1 mirror works transparently, so that you don't see two copies of a file on the storage, but actually every piece of data has a copy on each hard drive.