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    Custom BIOS Logo NUC


      I use to use be able to upload a custom splash screen to Intel motherboards but I have not been able to do so with the NUCs?

      Is there a trick to the NUC, I am using the Intel® Integrator Toolkit Version 5.



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          Hello, doug@lyseng.com:


          Are you following the steps from  Intel® Integrator Toolkit Technical Support for Boards and Kits?

          Please let us know your NUC model.



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            Let me start at the beginning. In the Intel NUCs, there is no splash screen support, per se. It is instead a Logo display capability that is designed to work with Microsoft's Windows 8 (and later) Seamless On/Off Experience initiative. This experience allows a custom logo to be displayed not only during BIOS POST but also during the Windows startup process (thereby allowing it to appear onscreen for a significantly longer amount of time).


            The tenets of this capability are that (a) the monitor will be initialized and operated at its native resolution and (b) the logo will occupy a specific area of the screen that is 40% of the screen width and 40% of the screen height. For example, it you have a monitor with a native resolution of, say, 1920x1080 pixels, the logo display area is 768x432 pixels. There is a problem, however. What if this monitor is operated in the Portrait orientation instead of the Landscape orientation? In this case, instead of being 1920x1080 pixels, the resolution will be 1080x1920 pixels and thus the logo display area is 432x768 pixels. If you tried to use a logo that is 768x432 pixels, it wouldn't fit in the logo display area in this case. Similarly, you could be using a monitor that has an Aspect Ratio of 4:3 instead of 16:9 (i.e. Standard instead of Widescreen). To handle this, the NUC BIOS supports the storage of four separate logos, one for Standard-Landscape monitors, one for Standard-Portrait monitors, one for Widescreen-Landscape monitors and one for Widescreen-Portrait monitors. Within Intel Integrator Toolkit, these are referred to as the Win8Logo Standard, Win8Logo Standard Portrait, Win8Logo Wide and Win8Logo Wide Portrait, respectively. Which of these four logos is actually displayed is dependent upon the resolution and orientation of the monitor detected.


            As I said, which of these logos is actually displayed is dependent upon the resolution and orientation of the monitor detected. If you install a single logo - say, that for a Standard-Landscape monitor (i.e. Win8Logo Standard) - and the monitor actually detected is of type Widescreen-Landscape (i.e. Win8Logo Wide), then your logo is not going to be displayed. Whatever logo is present in the buffer for Widescreen-Landscape (i.e. Win8Logo Wide) will be displayed. If a logo has never been loaded into this buffer, then the default ("Intel® NUC") logo will be displayed instead. Bottom line, if you want your logo to be displayed, make sure you load the logo into the buffer for the monitor type that will be used. If more than one monitor type might be used (which could be the case if you are an Integrator and your customers will select the monitors to be used), load logos for those types that could be used (which usually means adding logos for all four types).


            There is yet another consideration if you are an Integrator. Your customers may use monitors of differing resolutions. In this case, you need to know (or guess) the smallest resolutions that will be used (I say plural because there may be a mix of Standard and Widescreen monitors) and design the logos (to fit) for these smallest resolutions. On higher resolution monitors, these logos will appear smaller, but this cannot be avoided. As well, you might ask: "What if a monitor of even smaller resolution is used (and my logo(s) are too big)?" Well, nothing bad; it just won't look very good.


            Ok (sigh!), all of that said, there is a problem. I have noted a few cases where there are bugs in BIOS releases and the wrong logo is being displayed. I have reported this to the development team and they are hopefully addressing it. In the meantime, my recommendation is that you always load logos for all four monitor types...

            Clear as mud?


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              P.S. You really shouldn't use your email address as your userid - unless perhaps you desire to get extra SPAM?

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                Thanks Scott,


                I have been battling with this issue for more than three years. I use to brand everything I sell but when I switched to NUCs I lost that capability. I do big builds for a City customer soon after the first of the year and I would sit here and try different ways to flash for a couple days before I would just give up and only write the data I could to BIOS like serial number, model number, etc.   I guess I never realized they were FOUR different images. I would upload a "Standard" image and wonder why it would not present on a wide-screen. 


                I love that feature on the Intel boards, it makes us little guys look like someone when our logo flashes on the screen during boot-up. Thanks Intel.


                I just uploaded my logo to all four images and it worked like a charm, you’re my new hero Scott!


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                  The last few generations of Intel Desktop Boards also had this feature. If you were using them, I am surprised you didn't run into this previously...

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                    Is this the same for NUC6i7KYK?

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                      Which part? The support for four images? Yes, absolutely.