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    Mraa Libraray Aio Issue



          I am trying to read some sensors data in node.js by using mraa. I am able to read values from PIN1 by using the bellow code


      var analogPin1 = new mraa.Aio(1); //setup access analog inpuput pin 0

      var analogValue = analogPin1.read(); //read the value of the analog pin successfully


      but  new mraa.Aio(0), new mraa.Aio(2), new mraa.Aio(3) are giving me this error "Error: Invalid AIO pin specified - do you have an ADC?"


      var analogPin3 = new mraa.Aio(0); //Error

      var analogValue = analogPin3.read();


      I also tried to get the value through galileo-io but it is giving me same error


      board.analogRead("A0", function(data) {

      console.log('data', data);



      I checked the value through cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/in_voltage0_raw and I am successfully getting the result back, so it is most likely mraa issue


      I have the latest linux IoTKit image on the SD card and mraa library is updated 0.9.5


      I ffound there are other people facing the same issue as me



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      Checking Analog 4 input pin in Linux

      Hi,I am getting an error "Error: Invalid AIO pin specified - do you have an ADC? ", while working with Intel EDISON board with Intel Iot XDK IDE,can any one help me in solving this issue?


      Does anyone Know what could be the reason for it?