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    Intel NUC6i5SYH/K NEW units that have ONLY run Bios 036, did you see high temperatures anymore?



      I think that could be useful excluding that high temperatures (probably because sometime the fan went off) bricked something on the NUC before doing everything else later that someone who have received his NUC after BIOS 0036 release (that says it correct an issue with the fan) could post if he sees high temperatures anymore or not?


      I mean people that soon after they have received their NUC with whatever BIOS on it upgraded the BIOS to 0036 before doing everything else.Also before setting everything else on the BIOS that could raise temperatures like "Maximum Performance" because this drive the processor at maximum Ghz always.If there is only one SSD/HHD on SYH model in the 2,5" and not in the m.2 slot the better, because the SSD on m.2 slot is always at higher temperature than an SSD on 2,5" cage.

      Like I said before I think could be important to exclude that high temperatures are the problem of bricked units....


      Example: received the NUC, inserted ram and HD, downloaded new 0036 BIOS and updated it using usb method, then maybe only changed something about HD/SSD boot order and leaved all the rest on BIOS as it was.


      Please post if you are in this situation so maybe we can start excluding a temperature problem