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    intel HD 530 graphics problem


      Motherboard ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming

      CPU i7 6700K


      There are some serious problems with all intel graphics drivers for HD 530. Many distortions in games mainly and some apps like android simulators as below.


      CivilizationV_DX11 2016-03-08 09-53-07-54.jpg


      My second problem is that graphics driver does not recognize the displayport well. when I connect my monitor via displayport it take 10-15 sec to recognize it and it works fine till it is on or standby. once I turn off the monitor it forget that it is already recognized it and when I turn on the monitor I have 10-15 sec no picture till it recognize it again and after recognizing it wont recognize monitor resolution and it takes 10 more sec to recognize it again. there is no such a problem for HDMI.


      My monitor resolution is 3440x1440 and as you can see displayport does not recognize it correctly.


      please fix this issue as soon as possible.