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    Three x540-t2 nics


      I have two Dell r720 VMware hosts, and a Thecus n12000 Pro NAS. I just put an x540-t2 in each. They are connected through a Netgear ProSafe XS708e switch. There are no other devices on the network.


      In all three machines, the port nearest the PCI is running 10Gb, and the other port is at 1Gb. The lights on the cards, and on the switch, all agree with this. One yellow, one green, for each endpoint.


      How do I get both ports on these cards to run 10Gb?

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          Hi joecl,


          Thank you for contacting Intel.


          The 2 ports of X540 Series Adapter can support 10Gbps.  With regards ports' speed settings, you may either use auto-negotiation or force the speed at 10Gbps.


          If the remote device connected to Port #2 is also running 10Gbps, then Port #2 should also run at 10Gbps.


          Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.






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            Hi Sandy,


            Thank you for responding.


            Unplugging/re-plugging the "slow" connection fixed the VMware hosts, but not the Thecus, I suspect an obsolete driver.


            For the time being, I'll pursue resolution with Thecus customer support.


            Thanks again!