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    D2500CCE Display Not Working


      Hi All.


      I just finished a build with D2500CCE board and am having two problems that seem like they might be related.


      * First, the DVI port doesn’t seem to be working at all. Nothing on the display at boot up. When I switch to analog VGA output I can see the boot screen and enter the BIOS setup menu.


      * Second, I installed Debian linux from a bootable CD and all seemed to go well. Now on power up I see the BIOS/Boot screen, then I see linux loading some files, then I see the Debian startup graphics. But then, the screen goes totally blank and stays that way. Even though there’s no display, it appears linux has booted successfully. I can ping this computer from another PC on my network. I can even enter its IP address in a browser and get its default Apache server web page.


      This is a brand new board. Should I just return it for replacement, or is there something I forgot to do?


      Thanks in advance.



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          I am betting that the issue in Debian is that it is defaulting to the DVI port (even though nothing is connected to it).


          This does sound like a an issue with the DVI port. You should try another DVI cable to be sure, however. If it too fails, you can return it (it vendor will take it) or you can call Intel Customer Support to arrange for an RMA replacement...

          Did you pick the CC board because you needs its plethora of serial (and other legacy) ports?


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            Thanks for the reply. I have confirmed that the DVI cable is good.


            So, you think that all the way up through the initial Debian startup graphics (which I can see) it’s using the VGA and then it’s switching to DVI-only when it’s finished initializing? That does fit the symptoms as the DVI port appears to be dead.


            I picked this board mostly because of its low price when I was searching Amazon for board/processor combo units. I also figured there would be fewer problems if I bought brand-name Intel. So much for that idea


            I don’t need any of the serial ports or legacy PCI. I’d be happy to swap them for some USB3.0 ports if you could suggest a similar, low cost all-in-one board.


            Thanks again.



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              First of all, if you just purchased this new, the vendor should replace it. If they won't, Intel will replace it via RMA process (call Intel's Customer Support to set this up; here's information regarding how to do so: Contact Support).


              If you want to just return the board and go with another manufacturer, there are lots to choose from; it all depends upon your criteria. I took a quick look at Amazon; presuming you want something similar, here is a (much cheaper; hopefully only in price) ECS mITX board with soldered-down Celeron processor: Amazon.com.


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                OK, after quite a bit of digging, I found out what is going on. For some reason the integrated graphics is defaulting to the LVDS display as described here:




                Since I have nothing connected to that port, there is no display. Bottom line, I added the following Kernel parameter to the ‘boot’ line in my grub.cfg:




                I now have a display on the DVI port and Debian with Gnome comes up. But, there’s still one issue. During the boot process I see this error:


                [ 11.767089] [drm:cdv_intel_dp_complete_link_train] *ERROR* failed to train DP, aborting


                Like I said, it does finish the boot, but this error doesn’t look good. Also, the Gnome graphical interface is pretty slow and laggy. Wondering if the two are related. I’m a way Linux newbie and have no idea how to recompile a Kernel or whatever other esoteric procedure might be required to fix this.


                Only idea I have is to perhaps add a resolution specification to the ‘video’ parameter in grub.cfg. Maybe there’s a mismatch between the graphics hardware and the monitor?


                Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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                  Hello, gfvalvo:


                  Thank you for visiting the Intel Communities.


                  Since this product is End of Interactive Support, there is not much that we could add to this thread.


                  Indeed I encourage the communities' Linux users, to review the scenario and provide with feedback about it to find a possible solution.



                  Esteban C