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    Has BIOS 036 solved the WHEA error?


      Hi all,


      About 2 weeks ago my NUC6i5 started with the WHEA error. After checking the temperatures they were sky high so I believe a fan failure caused a part to overheat and damage a component causing the error.


      The problem I have is that I live on a small island. I bought the NUC on a trip to the US. Luckily, i'm heading back to the US next week where I am swapping my NUC for a new one (it broke within 30 days).


      I need to know whether the the BIOS 036 has fixed the error and the WHEA is a thing of a past. If it is then I will happily swap it for another unit.


      If BIOS 036 is still causing WHEA errors then I'm going to cut my losses and ask for a refund - I won't be back in the US for at least another 6 months and don't fancy holding on to a brick for that long.


      Any advice greatly appreciated!

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