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    Windows 10 - WHEA_Uncorrectable_Error


      A new problem popped up last night with my NUC6i5SYH. Updated to BIOS 0036 a few days ago and had no apparent problems. In fact, it fixed my missing 5.8GHz WiFi. However, last night I was watching some streaming video and all of a sudden got a Win 10 Blue Screen of Death with the subject error. Rebooting didn't help - the problem shows up within a few seconds of Windows starting. It does not appear to be a Windows configuration or version problem - the same thing happens if I boot off a Windows 10 USB install disk.,It's also not a temperature issue - the BIOS readings are fine.


      I'd like to go back to 0028, but when I attempt an F7 BIOS update, I get a "version not allowed" error.

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          Welcome to the wonderful world of Intel's disaster with this box.


          This thread: Does anyone have a NUC 6 (Skylake) which is working 100%? is covering that.


          And, the readme on the BIOS updates tells us that once the ME firmware is updated, going back cannot happen. I'm stuck with this problem as well. Can you even boot off of a USB stick to try a clean install. I'm curious, because I cannot.

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            No - I get the same WHEA error if I boot off the internal Samsung Evo 850 M.2 SSD, or off a Win 10 USB. It has nothing to do with Windows - I suspect it's the 0036 BIOS update.

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              Agreed. Has nothing to do with Windows. But we are both stuck with 0036 until Intel does something. Although, someone posted about disabling C1E, Intel SpeedStep or Intel C-State. I don't know if that's in the BIOS or not, and I'm at work. I'll try it when I get back home tonight.

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                Submitted a ticket and received the following response:


                "...this issue is currently under investigation with Microsoft*, we are trying to determine if this is a hardware issue and if so, to determine which specific hardware this error message is referring to."


                They also suggested trying to F8 roll back to a previous version of Windows. I'm not seeing this will help as I see the same issue when I attempt to boot off a Win 10 USB stick. 

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                  Hi All,


                  Intel® is aware of the reports of BSOD's due to WHEA Windows* errors with the Skylake NUCs (NUC6i3SYK/H, NUC6i5SYK/H).  We are working to recreate the issue.  Thank you for all the details on your posts.


                  In the meantime, please update to BIOS 0036 found here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25822/BIOS-Update-SYSKLi35-86A-?product=89186.  This will not fix every issue, but it has some important fixes that could help your system perform better.  Please let us know if updating to BIOS 0036 improves the reliability of your system.

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                    Unfortunately, my NYC6i5SYH entered the WHEA cycle after shortly upgrading to 0036, but I do have a replacement in work with Intel support. Before the WHEA cycle, 0036 did seem to address my 5GHz problem.

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                      Good news / bad news. I just spent about 90 minutes on the phone with an Intel engineer. We went through a long process that involed removing the secondary SSD, one of the two memory sticks, and reloading the BIOS 0036 via the yellow jumper method. None of which were successful. He really wanted to reload Windows 10 from the USB install stick, but we couldn't do that either as the WHEA error popped almost immediately into the Windows install routine.


                      They've asked for the complete NUC, Memory, SSD and HDMI cable to be sent to them for analysis in their lab and will send a replacement.


                      While it's great that Intel are willing to do this level of investigation, the bad is they don't have an immediate answer and I lose the rather substantial downloaded video library I have on the m.2.

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                        That's good. That what I offered to one of the "_intel" people but never got a response.

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                          Hi all,


                          Thank you Wrldtvlr for the information you have kindly provided and I hope you can have a better experience with the replacement.


                          Waterbaby I’m sorry that you did not get a response when you contacted Intel. Did you create a web ticket to talk to us or you gave us call? Did you get a case number? If yes could you please provide me with that ticket number?





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                            Ivan, in my frustration, I emailed the CEO (knowing he doesn't directly read his emails, but that someone would respond). And respond they did. I got a call day before yesterday and talked to them yesterday with an engineer. I posted this on another thread, but here is what happened:


                            Intel called me back today (March 9)  and arranged a time to call me when I got home. I asked them to call me at 6:00 central time, and they called right on the dot. I got the original caller who is basically the "team leader" and a regional lead engineer (Alan), or something like that. We spent 2.5 hours on the phone working through the process of elimination on the drives and memory. As we all have discovered in this forum, there really is no pattern to this problem. By the end, we agreed that I should send them my box along with the G.Skill memory that I had swapped out. They were extremely nice and helpful and patient. They explained to me what happens when issues like this arise. They have a threshold of 1% of returns which they have not seen on the NUCs. This team was supposedly not aware of the issue until my email to them.


                            I am grateful for their response and willingness to call me and work through this. I am grateful that you replied as well. It looks like between myself and Wrldtvlr they will get two boxes that have this issue and will be able to find the root cause.

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                              Thank you all for your patience and understanding regarding the WHEA error.  We are in the process of getting some units back for failure analysis. We really appreciate the willingness to cooperate and a special thanks to those customers that have provided us with failing units. Be assured we will keep the community updated on any progress we make.


                              Best regards,

                              Ronny G

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                                OK - Received my replacement NUC6i5SYH today, with a nice fresh manufacture date of 26 Feb 2016. First thing I did was load BIOS 0039. Then I loaded Win 10/64 Pro and downloaded all the Intel drivers. Set the BIOS cooling setting from Normal to Cool. Did not have to set M.2 to enable - that was already set. Back to where I was with my previous box, with two outstanding problems:


                                • The latest Wifi driver is still not recognizing 5.8GHz channels.
                                • Despite Intel instructions on the board here to uninstall the CIR driver, the driver package does NOT install properly. It fails part way through. That said, the ITE device does show up in the Windows Device Manager, with an "(SIO 2)" added to the device description and no error flag. Don't know if that means it works or not as I haven't had time to look closer..

                                Will see how long things last.

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                                  Oh - and the Bluetooth driver fails to install as well. Says it needs administrative privileges, even with run as an administrator.

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                                    OK - Here's some detail on my CIR driver install problem. This is on a NUC6i5 with a fresh Win 10 Pro/64 install. nuccir1.pngnuccir2.pngnuccir3.png

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