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    hey i cant get black bars intel HD 4400 in cs go ( i did maintain aspect )


      i have 5:4 screen so basically i get 2 little black bars in up and down of the screeen in 4:3 resolution


      in cs 1.6 i get the little black bars but in cs go nothing


      this is a picture of cs 1.6 with black bars  : http://4.1m.yt/OIg4tul.jpg


      cs go must be like or my left right - up down sensitivity will be not the same


      i played little bit with cs go configs m_yaw to fix mouse but its just wrong


      i repeat  i did choose ( maintan aspect in video setting )


      intel need a way to force intel HD driver config


      thank you guys i have i3 4130 4400 HD