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    NUC5CPYH powering on automatically when the power cord is plugged


      Hi everybody,


      I have 5 NUC5CPYH and only with one of them when I plug the power cord it automatically turns on.

      I installed the last BIOS version (48) and load de default BIOS config for at all of them, only on one of them this occurs. I did the following tests:

      - Change the RAM memory: don't fix

      - Disconnect the SATA cable: don't fix

      - Disconnect the VGA cable: don't fix

      - Disconnect the CMOS battery: it works fine

      - Put other CMOS battery, from other NUC5CPYH that works fine: don't fix


      It works fine only when it is without the CMOS battery.

      Did someone see this problem? Could be a manufacturing defect?


      Best Regards,

      Joao Nonis Junior