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    Does Intel Media SDK runs on Intel Edison ?


      Hi all,      I'm trying to use intel Edison board for capturing USB camera and streaming the video in a local network.

      until now I used edi-cam project:  GitHub - drejkim/edi-cam: Video streaming on Intel Edison

      which use mpeg2 encoder using ffmpeg,  I wanted to get same quality with lower bitrate and trying to change my encoder to h264/vp8.

      the problem is that at least when using ffmpeg its looks like h264 encoding is too heavy on the processor and I get very low frame-rate. 


      I thought maybe Intel IPP and(or) Intel Media SDK  have accelerated libraries which I can exploit on the edison board to get better performence (I would like to get at least 10FPS ).


      Does anyone knows if Intel edison supports IPP or Media SDK ?

      and, if anyone have other suggestion to resolve my problem I would appreciate it also.