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    Onboard reformating of Edison partitions?


      I have the same problem as a number of other people here, I want to be able to load larger images into the Edison than the /update partition natively supports. The good news is that flashall and the dfu connection works. The bad news is: A number of my Edisons are in places where I will not be able to access them with a usb cable, so I really have to find a way to do this onboard.


      From browsing this forum, I found that I could easily both mount and repartition the /update partition, but a: The new partition still only addresses the same space as it did before. It doesn't seem to know that it has grown bigger, and b: The /home partition seems to follow right behind the /update partition, so when I grow /update, guess what? Yeah, I bomb the /home partition. At least I have now learned how to unbrick an edison .


      All leading down to: Is there a way to move /home before I play with /update? Is there a way to reformat or whatever /update so it gets the full space? Or is it just not possible to upload images remotely?