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    S5000VSA CPU not showing



      I bought few months ago used server with Intel board S5000VSASASR. It was originally equipped with two Xeon 5030 and 4 GB of RAM. Both CPUs working. Then I was working on some projects and didn't have time to watch if everything if OK or not. Then out of the blue I noticed I have only one CPU. Which seemed strange, so I tried updating BIOS, tried everything like cleaning CPU slots, change heat transfer paste, but nothing helped. So I decided to buy new CPU since they are really cheap. I choose 5405 - bought two of them and still the same problem. Both CPUs are working, since only one is showing no matter how I switch them. But the strange thing is - BIOS is showing only CPU in SLOT 2. Which the board shouldn't be able to do. Can you point me what could be wrong and which utility install to troubleshoot what is wrong? Thanks a lot!