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    6700k possible issue with HDMI


      Hello all...



      I will appreciate any help regarding to this problem.


      I have an Asus Z170 Deluxe and an intel 6700k processor.



      After 1-2 minutes in the BIOS my hdmi signal to the monitor turns off.

      In my monitor it says "no signal" and turns into sleep mode (the monitor).

      I tried this without the graphics card installed.

      I have tried the same cable and anothers to my other pc and wotks fine with HDMI.



      With the Displayport output i have signal on monitor and wotks fine. The problem is with HDMI.

      Please, i would like your help if it is a hardware problem or it can be solved with an upgrade.



      Like i said above, i will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance !