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    Intel HD4600 (i5-4440 CPU) and Nvidia GTX750Ti drivers




      I currently only have the integrated GPU in my computer, the Intel HD4600 which is in the i5-4440 CPU, so I have the Intel HD Gprahics driver installed in Win7 x64.

      But I am going to add a new discrete GPU - the nvidia GTX750Ti to my motherboard PCIE x16 v3.0 socket. (motherboard is: Asus H97-plus).

      Now my first question is: Shoud I remove the Intel HD graphics drivers before installing th nvidia card? If I don't remove the intel drivers will it cause conficts with the nvidia card or is it OK to have both installed?

      And my second question: When /if I reinstall Windows, should I even install the Intel HD graphics drivers or just install the discrete GPU drivers?