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    Z500 brightness problem still not solved!


      hello intel my problem have happening with everyone using lenovo z500 touch and p500 and its not being able to change brightness after updating to win10. its really frustrating that no one is trying to fix this problem even though everyone is facing it ! why do i have to revert to the old version of intel graphics just to change brightness ? and i have to change to the old version eveytime i turn on my laptop because my laptop keeps on updating the driver without me knowing. please just solve it in an update for everyone as soon as possible.   my laptop lenovo z500 touch

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          Hello omer-alyousef,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          What is the Intel® graphics vision that your using?


          Please bear in mind that Intel provides generic versions of drivers for general purposes. Your computer manufacturer may have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to your driver. Intel recommends you contact your computer manufacturer for the latest system specific updates and technical support information.