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    My nuc6i5syh bricked itself!


      Yes, bricked itself, exactly as stated in the subject.

      I left my NUC running while I was away for a few hours and when I returned, I thought I could resume the session by waking the display with a mouse click. Nothing happened, the NUC wasn't reacting to mouse clicks or keyboard, no video either. I had to long press the power button to shut it down.


      When I powered the unit back on, I found it had turned itself into a 400 euro brick.. No mouse, no keyboard, no video. No way whatsoever to interact with the device.


      This is my second unit, the first one I RMA'd it because of endless WHEA reboot loops preventing me from reaching Windows desktop. At least I had keyboard,video and mouse and was able to get into the BIOS. This second unit seemed a lot better, turns out it wasn't.


      This machine is giving me headaches and I am loosing sleep over it. An utterly frustrating experience, that's what this is.

      Intel, what can be done technically to fix it?

      How can I raise a ticket with Intel support?


      Thanks, regards,