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    NUC6I5SYH: can't get into BIOS anymore. Help...


      I installed Windows 10 Pro on my NUC on a HDD in the SATA slot. It ran fine, with one stick of Kingston KVR 8GB in the machine.

      After I had that running pretty stable, I installed my Samsung 850 EVO SSD and installed Windows 10 Pro on that disk as well.

      Now when booting, Windows would offer me the choice of booting from either disk.

      So I was working for a few hours in Windows on the SSD, streamed a video to my laptop, installed VMware and booted a Linux VM and all was fine. I then left the machine running for a few hours while I was away.


      When I came back to the machine, I saw the blue light on solid and thought I could wake the display with the mouse or KB. That didn't work as the machine was not reacting to mouse or KB.

      I had to long press the power button to turn the NUC off. The problems started from here.


      When I power on the NUC, the fan spins at full power for 4 or 5  seconds (used to be no more than 1 second) and the blue light is solid on. Also the network leds are blinking.

      But, the harddisk doesn't spin up, the KB or mouse don't function, the display doesn't wake up and there is no way for me to get into the BIOS anymore.


      Please help, I'll be more than happy to hear if anyone has a suggestion.


      Regards, hegenious