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    VLAN and Windows 10 intel pro 1000




      just upgraded to windows 10.


      There is a Intel pro 1000 and in windows 7 after installing Advanced Network services from Intel the VLAN feature was very helpful


      after upgrading to Windows 10 the  VLANS are no longer available.


      When attempting to install Advanced Network services from Intel,  the following error is displayed

      there is an issue with Microsoft* windows* 10 the prevents the Intel(R) Advanced Network Services from working correctly

      where can the correct drivers be found, searches have been unsuccessful thus far.

      Any help appreciated.


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          Hi chris43,


                  Thank you for the post. I don't know which exact PRO 1000 network adapter you are using, there is no Windows 10 driver for pro 1000 series network adapter in the download link below. You might be using the built-in driver from Windows 10. You may refer to the download link below.

                   Download Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10


                 With regards to the VLAN creation, currenly Windows * 10 does not supportt ANS team and VLAN as well. You may refer to the special note on our website, as extracted here for your quick reference:

          Detailed Description

          Important Note: Creating Intel® ANS teams and VLANs on Windows® 10 is currently not supported. As a result, when created, teams and VLANs do not pass traffic. We expect that ANS will be supported on Windows 10 client in a future release.

          Hope this clarified.



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            Somewhere on a thread here, it was mentioned that the functional ANS/VLAN feature was due to be released during the month of June.  Here it is almost a month later with nothing better than the "Important Note" it still will not work.  Can we please have something more solid than what appears to be vague information on the topic?  This is rather important to our efforts Intel...



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              Is there any update from Intel on this please