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    Recommended Resolution 150%?


      Hi: I'm wondering if a recommended resolution of 150% is normal? It seems like I'm playing with the big blocks like this... I'm using a 65" Mitsubishi DLP TV. Thanks!


      Compute Stick Model: STK1AW32SC

      BIOS: 0019

      Windows 10 v. 1511, 10586

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          Hello, InfoSysLib:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities again.


          I am positive that this FAQ will help you to adjust the resolution in your device to get the desired/best resolution that works for you.

          Intel® Graphics and Televisions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for...


          My recommendation would be to check the FAQ "Why can I see the center of the Windows* desktop, but not the top, bottom, and sides?" while using different resolutions available.


          If you are using 150% I guess you are having issues with small lettering or the taskbar is out of the screen, that is the reason why I gave you that recommendation.


          The other FAQs could also help to find a resolution that works for you, please do check them.


          In case you are not able to get that resolution fixed, please provide me with a deeper explanation of what you would like to achieve so I can further assist you on this.


          If you require any further information or support, feel free to contact us back.



          Esteban C