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    Iris 5200 graphics control panel crashing


      Dear community


      I have a Vaio Z Canvas running Windows 10 with a Iris Graphics 5200 adapter.

      After updating with drivers from Intel rather than from VAIO (my mistake), Iris Graphics Control Panel is causing much trouble.

      Most aggravatingly it refuses to let my change power plans, which means it is stuck in Maximum Performance mode. Trying to change it in the Power settings in the Intel Iris Graphics Control Panel crashes the program without changing the setting. Before this update, a dedicated Vaio Control Panel would handle the power settings flawlessly.


      I have tried to uninstall the Iris Graphics Control Panel, rolling back the driver update, overwriting the driver with a driver supplied by Vaio, but nothing seems to abate the pesky Iris Graphics Control Pane, it stays in my system and keeps my computer on the highest performance setting.


      Is there any way to rid the system of the Iris Graphics Control Panel and replace its power management using the driver supplied by the manufacturer? Or to at least a way to stop the control panel from crashing when changing power plans?

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          Hello, Le3001:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          While using OEM systems like yours, the recommendation is to download and install the drivers from your computer's manufacturer website.


          This is to avoid loosing any special features or settings while using the generic drivers from Intel.


          While uninstalling the drivers from your computer, please make sure you select "Delete the driver software for this device".


          Additionally,you could try with some third party software that uninstalls software from your computer, an example would be ccleaner*, I personally use this software for different tasks and it works fine. CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download


          Please note this is just a recommendation and using it would be under your own risk.


          Have you checked with the support from your OEM? They could have an specific procedure to remove software from your device that could help.

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          If you require any further information or support, feel free to contact us back.



          Esteban C