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    I219-V will not reset Network Icon after disconnection


      For whatever reason, my internet decides to disconnect at random times during the night when I am not using it. It always returns, however the Network Icon will sit with the yellow exclamation mark until a reboot or ipconfig /release and /renew. It claims there is not internet access while the internet will work. It appears to me, this is a bug in the software/driver or an cryptic setting that just needs adjusting.

      While it isn't a major error, its a bit of eyesore to constantly see it everyday especially on brand new hardware.

      For the record, its happened on 2 different Asus boards and chipsets, but the Intel I219-V remains the common culprit.

      There were complete fresh installs of Windows 7 64 bit with all updates and all correct drivers. None of the driver updates for the I219-V have fixed it.

      Also, a Realtek NIC does NOT suffer this issue.

      So it could be a setting I am missing, but I have not seen this issue raised anywhere and I highly doubt I received 2 faulty Intel NICs on 2 completely different boards so its more than likely a software/driver issue.

      Why my internet drops, well thats the fault of ISP. And yes, its not the ethernet wire.