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    can't make all the cores work


      Having Core i7 920 can't make all the cores work in any program (except prime95). Working under windows 7 x64 and trying converting video. The result is up to 40% of the processor usage. In some programs not more than 12,5%. Anyway, when I turn off some cores (8 are shown in programs and task manager) and leave only one, it works with 100% loading. And this is with all the cores so they are working. prime95 makes my proc working at 100%, but I can't say the same about converting =( Tried ImToo HD video converter mkv->hd avi recently and faced 12,5% with all 8 cores turned on in options and 32 simultaneous processes (again in options).

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          Sounds normal.  The problem is it is quite difficult making an application that runs using two threads to allow one thread to run on one core and another thread to run another core simultaneously.  This is because it isn't always possible to divide a task up so that processing can run in parallel.  Even when a task can be split over more than one thread, one of threads every so often may need to pause to wait for some data from the other thread, or threads are pausing waiting for the hard disk to fetch or write some data, and this will mean a thread will never show as utilising 100% of any CPU anyway.

          It is rare you will see an application use all 4 cores to 100%, typically only CPU stressing programs will do this.  Intel know that real world use will hardly ever stress the CPU to 100% across all its core and so a lower rated cooling solution is used.





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            Thank you a lot!