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    I would like to download all current updates firmware and drivers for an i7-5930k onto a usb dongle for offline install.


      I would like to download current updates and or firmware and or drivers for an i7-5930k onto a usb dongle for offline install. My workstation is not connected to the internet, and I would to find a way of browsing all current downloads and software for my product via a different laptop, and manually installing then one by one from a usb dongle.


      My problem is I have no tangible way of viewing my downloads from your website. Your link "Drivers & Software"  has no option to narrow it down to my product :From this link, "5930k" gets no search results. I'm not going to be taking my workstation online anytime soon, so I would appreciate a staff member to create a list of downloads for my product, or perhaps point me to a more functional part of your website.


      From the Product pages, I see no links to any downloads...........

      Intel® Core™ i7-5930K Processor (15M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz) Specifications

      I'm a little surprised  and (annoyed enough to write this message )that there wasn't a more clear search function that would narrow down by product, with clear direct links to current downloads.. Here are some examples of an easily navigable web forms from some other tech giants. They are much more reasonable and user friendly for finding product updates.


      Sony eSupport - - Select a Model


      Workstation Graphics Drivers  (amd)


      On a side note, the product is working great......


      .....but my interaction with your website was a waste of my morning that I do indeed regret, I would be glad if someone would email me a response to this inquiry.


      Thank you