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    NUC5i5RYK WMIC missing product name


      I have had an issue with getting the model name of the NUC kit to be displayed properly by the "WMIC csproduct get name" command off and on for a while now. It seems some models are shipped with a BIOS that accurately displays "NUC5i5RYK" some display "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" and others display a blank field.


      This information is critical in order to deploy drivers to these computers during our KACE imaging process.  I have updated a couple of NUC5i5RYKs to the latest BIOS, and they are now displaying a blank field which makes them impossible to image.


      Is there a fix for this? Can the BIOS files be updated to resolve this once and for all? The quality control for these boards is ridiculous and I'm going to stop purchasing them if we can't use them with KACE due to this silly bug.