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    isdct 2.3.0 works and isdct 2.3.1 does not - Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS 64-bit




      Following situation:


      I have a system running Ubuntu 14.04.4 64-bit and a Intel DC S3500 SSD, model SSDSC2BB480G4


      Intel SSD Datacenter Tool version 2.3.0 (installed from rpm) does work fine and shows the SSD (command "isdct show -a -intelssd 0")


      Now with the newer version 2.3.1 of the tool, the previously working command fails with following message:


      # isdct show -a -intelssd 0

      Error: Invalid drive selection. Drive could not be found.


      # isdct version

      - Version Information -

      Name: Intel(R) Data Center Tool

      Version: 2.3.1

      Description: Interact and configure Intel SSDs.


      What could possibly go wrong here?


      Best regards,