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    i7 3517U Turbo boost is not activating


      Hello, i'm using asus ux31a model which has 3517U CPU.

      Operating System is Windows 10 64bit, and product bios is up-to-date.


      Problem is Turbo boost is not activating in any condition. Max Frequency is set to 1.90 GHZ (which is base frequency). I use cpu stress tools, high computation need tools (like matlab) but could not exceed frequency of 1.9 Ghz, Turbo boost monitor also stays at power save always. (Heating is not issue, tests made when cpu is "cool"). (ps: when idle Cpu set to 0.8 Ghz, when on heavy load it sets to 1.9Ghz)


      Power option in windows settings is set to high performance, TDP level is set to 17W @2.4 ghz.


      Int Intel diagnostic tool, it passed every test but Temperature sensor always returns below 45 degree, and diagnostic tools expect cpu frequency at 1.9 Ghz.


      I contacted asus support, They asked if i tried here (they have no solution)


      Any help is appriciated.

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          I had a similar problem with my Acer laptop. ([i5 5200U] Turbo boost is only enabled after reactivating Windows 10) Perhaps this also works for you. Just try to shut down Windows to power save mode and reactivate. Then run the tests again and see if something changed. Last chance is a tool called ThrottleStop Beta 8.00 which allows you to force the multiplier to the turbo value. I guess it's a driver issue.

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            Hmm interesting. What you mean by reactivate Windows? (Btw i installed windows 7 and CPU' turbo boost starts working just fine. I agree with you it looks like a driver or win10 issue)

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              I ment you have to put windows to "energy save"-modus and then start it up again. With my settings I have to put in my password, so that's what i meant by reactivate.


              That's odd. In my case windows 7 had the same problem.

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                Hello incxbxs,


                Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


                Please bear in mind that Intel® Turbo Boost Technology is a processor technology, and is operating system independent.


                Also because Intel Turbo Boost Technology is a processor technology, first make certain you have an Intel Turbo Boost Technology supported processor. Desktop board vendors normally enable Intel Turbo Boost Technology by default. You can usually enable or disable through a switch in the desktop board BIOS. See your motherboard documentation or vendor Web site for more information.


                The operation depends on headroom available in one or more cores. The amount of time the system spends in turbo boost mode depends on workload, environment, and platform design.

                Intel Turbo Boost Technology runs when the processor is working in the power, temperature, and specification limits of thermal design power (TDP). Maximum frequency for processor function is automatic, and is dependent on working conditions.


                Please see Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Improves Application Performance



                Best wishes,



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                  I'm very well aware about what the turbo boost is.You are so sure while saying "this is os independent" but there is fact:


                  And Bios left unchanged and untouched,


                  Windows 7  + Driver => It works,

                  Windows 10 + Driver => Does not work.


                  Absolut same tests applied on both configuration.


                  How is not the problem is driver or OS independed?

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                    If it is unchanged in the BIOS I suggest contacting your system manufacturer as they are more familiar with your BIOS configuration. As I mentioned above you motherboard manufacturer enabled this by default but if it is not possible to change it you will need to contact your system manufacturer.

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                      And the manufacture said "Turbo Boost Technology is product of Intel thus they are responsible" which spoken in same words once upon official Microsoft Windows support forum. I see no more than 3 options available in our hands causing the problem.


                      a) BIOS (manufacturer, ASUS),

                      b) Windows 10(which has capability of manupulating cpu frequency, Microsoft)

                      c) Intel Drivers (obviously, intel.)


                      Problem really might cause by manufacturer as you suggest, but might not be too. No one seems to care actually and related parts is "already old enough to be maintain". Actually I don't care it either. I'm switching back to good old windows 7 until microsoft drops support from it.


                      BTW: Thank you for spending your time with my problem.

                      Have nice day, consider this case as solved.