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    Edison Flash tool invisible on mac Yosemite




      After reporting some strange behaviour of my Edison, I got the advise to try to re-flash it. So I downloaded and installed the Flash tool for mac It was a file called 'PhoneFlashToolLite_5.2.4.22_mac64.pkg'.


      I double-clicked on it and an install procedure started, and the process looked well.


      However, after the (successful) procedure, I cannot find the Flash Tool anywhere. Not in the Applications folders, not elsewhere I looked. The procedure gave the option to specify the location of the installation, but the only two available options where 'Macintosh HD' or 'Edison'. I could not specify the path.


      I installed it a second time, same result.


      Since the install procedure reported to have been successful, I think it is there somewhere. Does anyone know what is the path and file name where the Flash Tool could be? If I at least have the correct name, I could try to find it with the 'find -name' command.


      Thanks in advance,