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    New Intel 750 owner questions.


           Just got my new Intel 750 PCIE 400GB SSD. And I just had a few questions about it. Performance is fine. However I've noticed a few quirks. First being when ever I plug in a USB drive into my PC the Intel SSD Toobox will report it as another Intel 750 SSD. My second question. Is it normal for me not to be able to install Intel RST? when using an NVME drive. I keep getting a "platform not supported error".

      My system specs are

      Asus Sabertooth X99

      Intel Core i7 5930k

      16 GBS of DDR4 RAM @ 2666mhz Corsair

      EVGA GTX 980

      Corsair RM750X PSU

      Intel 750 400GB AIC

      Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

      I am also going to submit screenshot of what I see in the SSD Toolbox