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    Positive experience with NUC5i7RYH and two UHD monitors




      I recently bought a NUC5i7RYH and two Dell P2715Q 4K monitors. I connected one via DisplayPort and the other with HDMI.


      Based on page 23 of http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24794/eng/NUC5i7RYB_NUC5i7RYBR_TechProdSpec02.pdf I assumed I would get only 30Hz on both monitors.


      But the Iris Graphics Control Panel tells me I'm getting "59p Hz" on the DisplayPort monitor and "29p Hz" on the other one (both with 3840x2160 resolution). Not sure what the "p" means--I guess progressive?


      Anyway, I consider this (getting 59Hz on one of them) great news, as I was expecting 30 on both. Am I crazy, lucky, or missing something?