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    what are your average temps? -- for those with i7 860 + DP55KG combo


      i'm curious how my system compares to similar ones. i know a lot of other things have an impact on thermal numbers like how many hard drives, video card, number of fans, what kind of heatsink, etc etc.... but just for rough comparison, i'm curious... give your average temps when computer is at or near idle.


      i'll give mine first:


      of course, as said.. i have an i7 860 (2.8ghz) on a DP55KG motherboard. using the intel desktop control center... here is what i am reading (average) for my thermal measurements, AT IDLE:


      -CPU usually shows a value between 62C-58C at idle.


      -CPU under full stress on all cores, lowest i have seen it reach was between 19C-17C (remember: here, lower means hotter, or in other words, it is telling you how far you are away from thermal meltdown, haha.. or at least the system taking over and taking measures to cool down)


      -"Ambient" hovers around 38C


      -"PCH" also hovers around 38C


      Just wondering if I'm running hot, cool, or average, as I have no one/nothing else to compare it with...