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    4790K Idle Temps


      I'm new to this intel forum...


      I have a i7 4790k which was running fine a while ago but now the temps are idle at 50c. Temps under load are 60-65c.


      I have looked in my BIOS on all settings cant find anything.


      Using Corsair H100i cooler which used to get me idle temps of 25-30c


      Using Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC motherboard.


      is this normal for this CPU to start idling really high?


      I have tried V-Core at 1.185 which used to work fine, also tried on auto but the V-core always stays the same and does not drop when idle.


      Windows power options are all set correct and i have re-seated my H100i.


      With stock cooler the temps were idle at 65c when i tested this a few days ago so its not my cooler.


      i have no named 'adaptive' setting for my V-core so i don't know why my idle temps have climbed.