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    Storage Manager "insists" on wrong language


      "I don't get it", basically. I have a GA-P55-UD3 board, and since I'm in germany I made the mistake to download the Intel software from gigabyte.de. So the RAID console came up in german. "No problem" --- or so I thought.


      I went to the US gigabyte site, but they didn't even list that board. I assume I can just take any Intel package from a similar board (like the P55A series), but why choose gigabyte at all --- I went to the Intel site. Grabbed the installation package (IATA89ENU.exe), installed, rebooted --- still german. Ok, can I uninstall this? Apparently I can, so I deinstalled the package, did not reboot just in case, installed again, rebooted --- and it comes up in german. Ok... I started setting up the system just yesterday, losses would be manageable if I have to reinstall everything --- so I deinstalled the package again, rebooted --- no console to be seen and system is still alive. Installed the package, rebooted... and guess what, it comes up in german.


      Any hints how I can tell this stupid excuse of a software to use english... please? I promise I will never ever download a package from gigabyte.de again,  but...


      I suppose it's a leftover file or registry entry that I have to remove... or is the RAID console and service trying to be annoyingly smart and checks sources other than the operating system language? I mean, while the system (Win7) is english, the "location" is set to germany, and the keyboard layout is german as well...