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    Z97 chipset fan control worked fine with Win 8.1 64, but not with Win 10 64


      New Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI motherboard - fans control works fine in WIN 8.1, but runs full speed with WIN 10 64.  The fans run quietly during the boot, but roar when WIN 10 loads.  When I update the Intel Chipset driver (date 2015-06-26) the fans slow to the proper speed, but this does not stick during a reboot.  Reinstalling again, works, but not permanently and the driver installer nags for reboot.  Gigabyte website has the same date drivers, or is missing the chipset one.  How can I get this fix to remain in place through reboots?  This seems to be a common problem with many board manufacturers, not only Gigabyte, judging by the questions posted online.