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    Is it possible to break/revert a RAID 10 into non-RAID/ RAID 0/ RAID 1?


      Hi sirs,

      My pc is now having a RAID 10 (2TB storage volume) build from (4x 1TB hard disks) and (one SSD) for windows os.

      Ultimately, I would like to keep two of these hard disks (with the current data/content) in the current PC, and use the other two of these hard disks (don't care about the data/content) in a new build pc.

      So my question is whether it is possible to break the RAID 10 into whatever combination of RAID/non-RAID hard disks.

      If keeping 2TB data while breaking the RAID 10 volume is not possible, will it be possible/easier if I manage to give up 1TB of data?

      I would like to avoid buying new hard disk just to do this migration.

      Thanks a lot.