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    Win7 64 install problem X25-M Postville 80GB


      Hi all,


      After 9 hours, 8 installs .... please help me.


      I have the following configuration:

      Asus P6T WS Professional mainboard

      Xeon 3520 processor

      6 GB ECC ram

      Asus EAH4350 videocard (until my 5850 arrives)

      X-25-M Postville 80 GB

      Sony Optiarc DVDRW (s-ata) drive

      Win7 64 Home premium OS

      (and WinXP 32 for testing).


      The system is working nicely, and Win-xp installs without any problems.


      If I install Win7 64 the system hangs on the final (?) reboot. Sometimes it reboots, sometimes it gives a blue screen. It gives the rotating balls and quits on me. 

      Safe mode is not possible, because the setup has not finished yet. If I move the mouse over the screen, it changes to a "text insert"shape in the middle of the screen, as it there is a window there with a message (I can't see the message...). Some flashing of the drive activity led, like a heartbeat (or maybe I'm going crazy, it's 3 am)


      I have followed these steps (http://communities.intel.com/message/76641#76641):


      • Disconnect all other drives leaving only your SSD connected where you intend to install the OS.
      • Set controller to RAID mode.
      • Boot from Win7 install DVD/media.
      • Delete any existing volume from prior format/install.
      • Format drive and create new volume. *NEXT STEP IS KEY*
      • The new install should have created TWO PARTITIONS: a 100MB System Partition and the rest for your new OS volume.
      • Install OS normally after that, boot up to make sure everything is in order, then reconnect the rest of your drives.


      But it did not help. The system partitions are created, but the problems did not go away.

      I tried all three controller options (IDE, RAID, IHCI), and did a full re-install. But it did not help.

      I disabled the SAS controller, but it did not help.

      I updated the SSD firmware, but it did not help.

      I updated the mainboard firmware, but it did not help.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,

      Rob Verboom