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    Help with Sparkfun Intel Edison ADC Breakout board


      Hello folks, I am very new here and also new at the whole IOT and I was wondering if someone can help me with an issue with the SparkFun ADB Breakout board with an Intel Edison Mini Sparkfun breakout board and I am confused.



      There is a lot of documentation about how to use a FlexSensor and the Edison using arduino, but I am using C++ and I found a few C++ sources in the sparkfun repo to read from analog to digital.



      I also have a few touch sensors, compiling works well, no errors, but when I try to read from AN0, I get bogus data. I am including #include "SparkFunADS1015.h" and parkFunADS1015.cpp file into my project and like I said no compiling errors, I tried to use a 10k oHM and plug to ground(from connecting to ardino board documentation) but am using a sparkfun intel Edison min block], AN0 and 3.3 volts but does not seem to do anything, the ranges are .00002 to .000025.



      When I used a touch sensor, I get no data.



      What gives? Am I newbie enough not to understand this or is there something else missing (yes, am not an EE or a electrical voltage type of guy)



      Any help would be appreciated













      Thanks again and I look forward for an answer