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    "HD Audio Link" may fry motherboard if used incorrectly?"


      A while ago my computer failed (the motherboard was fried somehow), so I bought a DG41TY as a replacement.


      I hooked everything up, turned on the PSU, and the power LED on the board came on. I powered up the system but it immediately shutdown.... I started removing components and finally realized that I had the HD audio plug (10pin) in the "HD audio link" slot (16pin) rather then the other yellow 10pin slot. After removing that the computer stayed powered on, but it failed to boot. The CPU fan and case fan stay on. Do you think the motherboard was fried from that bad connection? or do you think the CPU was fried from being in the last motherboard?



      * Fans+power led stays on

      * Only CPU and RAM is plugged in now

      * No POST "beep" (and the motherboard has its own soldered on speaker)

      * I dropped the CPU chip on the wood floor (no broken pins though/it is pinless design)


      I'm more suspecting that the CPU is broken but I'm not sure how serious of a mistake it is to plug the HD audio (front panel) cable into the "HD audio link" slot. Suggestions please im not sure whether i need to buy a new cpu or motherboard.. or both


      (and the main question is if the motherboard is broken now from the incorrect connection, or if the automatic(?) shutdown prevented damage)