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    i7 920 running way too hot


      I don't understand. I have fantastic cooling (6 fan case), 750-wat power supply, I'm not overcloaking or doing anything out of the ordinary, and yet my CPU is running at 100 degrees and barely even even reaching 1.7 GHz of the 2.6 it should be (which I'm presuming is because its getting too hot). Theres nothing obstructing the CPU's fan, the only possible reasons i can come up with are that something is wrong with the BIOS, or the thermal paste isn't applied correctly. Both seem unlikely though, as I have a motherboard designed specifically for the i7 (and haven't touched a thing on the BIOS), and I...as far as I can tell...followed the dirrections to applying the paste exact as possible.


      This is my first time building a computer and I...I don't know what to do anymore...someone please help... ;-;