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    Intel DG43GT Compatible ram


      Hi, Just got this board second hand and set it up in a case this weekend.  After I had it all set up, I was getting 3 beeps(ram).  I know the ram works cause I just had it in a older case and it worked fine.  So here is what I have:


      2 sticks of 2GB DDR2(533Mhz) 1.8v Non-ECC


      2 sticks of 1GB DDR2(667Mhz) 1.8v Non-ECC


      So far I am only able to get the 1GB sticks working.  This is the first Dual Channel motherboard I have had so maybe I'm doing something wrong there...  If I am unable to get all 6GB of ram working, Then I would prefer to get the 533Mhz ram working as I have more of it.  I know product spec say to only use 667 or 800 but I am assuming 533 still works.  Am I wrong? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance!