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    nuc6i5 with M.2 Samsung SM951 - Windows 7 in UEFI mode not installable


      Hi there,


      I'm new here


      Hopefully you can help me with my problems I have:


      I bought following hardware:

      -> NUC6i5SYH with 033 BIOS

      -> Samsung SSD M.2 SM951 mzhpv256hdgl

      -> 8GB Crucial memory


      Windows 10 Pro x64 is running perfectly and I installed it via UEFI mode.



      However, I need my Windows 7 x64 running on the NUC but I failled


      What I did:

      -> created USB stick with Win7 and performed the Intel patch to get USB3.0 driver running during installation

      -> disabled UEFI mode and enabled Legacy mode into BIOS

      -> Win7 setup started, mouse/keyboard are working fine

      -> I don't have access to the SM951 SSD

      -> I downloaded some NVMe driver from Samsung and choosed this driver during Win7 installation but I don't got access to the SM951 SSD

      -> it looks like I need to start the Win7 setup with UEFI mode to get access to the SSD


      -> I disabled Legacy mode and enabled UEFI mode

      -> during booting I pressed F10 to choose the UEFI:USB: device

      -> just black screen was shown, no installtion of Win7 started

      -> I enabled UEFI Shell and tried to install Win7 via UEFI shell but still the same, just a black screen


      I also tried different Win7 iso files but all shows the same behavior.



      My questions are:

      How can I install Win7 on NUC6i5 with my SM951 SSD?

      Is it possible to install Win7 with another M.2 SSD?



      Thank you very much for your support.