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    My Dell will not recognize the latest graphics driver that I have downloaded from Intel. What is my next step to upgrade my driver?


      I have a Dell Inspiron 5748 with Windows 10 and 4th Gen i7. I have integrated Intel HD graphics. My present graphics driver is the I downloaded the Intel HD graphics driver for Windows 10 Gen 4, number to my downloads folder, from Intel. When I try to update my driver, my device manager says I have the latest graphics driver. When I try to manually install, my device manager does not even see the file in my downloads.


      When I look up my present driver on the Intel site I see that it is for Windows 8.1 machines. I am updated to Windows 10.


      My main question is this: Am I right to try and upgrade to this other driver?


      Secondary question: This is the right driver for my Windows 10, i7 4th gen, HD graphics laptop I assume?


      The main reason I am upgrading is because of the upgrade needed warning I keep getting from Adobe Illustrator saying I don't have the latest driver.


      Thanks All...